Land Management

Being away from your piece of land, obtained after a long strife is a definite frown. We, pull the broken ends synchronically and help you to resolute any concern that plots would bring along.To keep your land maintain and secure, We strictly follow the traditional approach in land management with technology to keep it more secure and updated.

We follow 2 ways they are as follow.

Bhage Land

In this method, the landowner has to bear 50% of overall cost on other hand renter has to bear 50%.
Under Landowner (50%) :

  • Water cost
  • Fertilisation cost

Under Renter (50%)

  • Labour cost
  • Operational cost & Management

Gire Land

In this method, Landowner will get X amount for their land for Y years and there is a contract for minimum 5 years and after 5 years landowner has to return the entire amount to the renter.

We visit your property periodically and send you exclusive pictures of it. Timely updates on the developments in your neighbourhood are also sent across in a proper report format, for you to know all the details without having to visit the same. We take appropriate steps and the extra mile, to comfort you with enough information required.

  1. Regular updates of photographs
  2. Frequent visits according to the package
  3. Ways to gain passive income with your plot
  4. Complete administration
  5. Property registration